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Innovative Technology

For Young Learners

Foster Smart City Development with “ABCD”

Explore the origin and future of technology in smart city

We have so many trouble everyday, how technology enhances our living?

Many cities are starting to use technology to improve people’s life. Can we come up with some ideas to apply modern technologies?

I am totally fed up. I didn't bring an umbrella for this unexpected rain. My stunning makeup is melting now. How can we reliably predict the weather and give early warnings?

Curriculum Beliefs

Suitable for beginners

Guided learning with the applications of smart city

Learners will be exposed to the concepts for “Technology ABCD”, which includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud computing and Big data with various examples and applications in smart city. Learners are scaffolded to understand the principles and use cases behind the technologies and evaluate the impact of technology on individual and society.

Leverage the use of new technologies

Learners are put in different real life situations. Through the process, they are guided to design solutions with design thinking, developing their problem solving skills and social awareness.

Inspire our future leaders

Through case studies and application of smart city, students not only have a better ideas of the trends and concepts of innovative technology and how it affects our daily life, it also brings inspiration for their future careers and social development.

Learn and Leverage the Use of Technology

Learn innovative technologies and put into practice through e-learning, collaborations and sharings in class. Suitable for students aged 10 or above.

Get request from the citizens

The goal of the innovator is to make the city be a better place for everyone with technologies. Student as the innovator will design new innovations by requests form the citizen.

Explore social issues and the implication of technology

First, the innovator needs to investigate the situation and find the possible technology can be used to solve the problem.

Learn with interactive learning activities

By going through a series of learning missions including assessments, programming and field trips, the innovator can complete the design of the innovation.

Review the learning progress and city development

The growth of the smart city reflects the mastery level of new technology of the innovator. Teachers and parents are able to review students’ learning progress and efficiency.

Learning Content

Course Outline

Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)


  • Smart Contract
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Supply Chain Management

Cloud Computing

  • Network and Internet
  • Wireless Technology
  • Public and Private Cloud

Big Data

  • Data Visualization
  • Knowledge Discovery
  • Predictive Analytics

Theme-based Learning

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Smart Citizens

Digital Identity

Smart Citizens

Design Smart Street Light

Smart City Development

Weather Forecasting

Smart City Development

City Greening System

Smart Agriculture

Automated Farm

Smart Agriculture

Agricultural Product Monitoring




Keep Records with Blockchain

Smart Transportation

Adaptive Traffic Control

Smart Transportation

Indoor Positioning and Guidance

Smart Living

Cancer Diagnosis

Smart Living

AR/VR Museum

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From computational thinking to innovative technology learning, we are committed to creating a fun learning environment that encourages students to build growth mindset, enhancing their problems solving and collaborate skill, inspiring the next generation in the age of AI.

Computational Thinking
Computational thinking skills and basic coding concepts
Innovative Technology
Advanced technology and its application in daily life
Creative Coding
Project-based learning. Improve living standard with technology
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