Computational Thinking Series

A complete framework for learning the theories of computational thinking and coding.

With the ever-increasing significance in today’s technology-filled environment, mastering 21st-century skillset such as *computational thinking and coding is comparable to learn a second language and which is essential in primary education.

The series focuses on interdisciplinary skills and computational thinking as trainings on thinking and problem-solving. Highlighting practical applications on different topics and everyday usage, it enables learners to solve problems and future challenges with computational thinking.

*Computational thinking: a systematic way of thinking to approach and solve complex problems with the help of computers.

Interdisciplinary CurriculumEquip learners with computational thinking to solve problems.
Scaffolded LearningFacilitate exchange and cooperation from e-learning and unplugged activities.
Positive AttitudeEmbrace different views, learn effectively by trial and error in the process.

Teaching Resources

Everything we provide for running a Coding Galaxy Computational Thinking course.

Teaching and Learning Materials

Lesson plans, student worksheets, answer key

Interactive Learning App

Self and collaborative learning app for online/offline environment

Learning Management System

Cloud-based system with AI-powered learning analytics

Trainings & Support

School trainings, train-the-trainers programme, trainers and students certificates

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