Frequently Asked Questions

Coding Galaxy: Junior – Explorer Program

It is a free trial program for teachers to experience Coding Galaxy. Teachers are able to deliver 3 Computational Thinking (CT) lessons with the teaching materials, learning app and teacher dashboard.

Yes. No coding experience is required for teaching Coding Galaxy. We provide details lesson plans and teaching tools to assist teacher in the lessons.

We welcome everyone that interested in computational thinking to join our Explorer Program. You can simply sign up here.

You need to verify your email after registration. You can login with your email and password at Teacher Dashboard.

Sure. You can login to the app with your email and password after registration. All missions are unlocked for teachers to review in Explorer Program.

You can download and print all teaching materials (lesson plan, worksheets and worksheet answers) you need for your lesson in the Teacher Dashboard Resources tab.

You have 2 student accounts once you signed up for the program. Their accounts are displayed in the Welcome tab of the Teacher Dashboard. Ask your students to login to Coding Galaxy app with the accounts.

Here is a Quick Start Guide for Teachers if you are not sure how to use the Teacher Dashboard and Coding Galaxy app. If you still need help or inquiry, please contact