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  • To promote and arouse students’ interest in learning computational thinking
  • To discover students’ potential in coding concept
  • To recognize students’ outstanding performance and encourage them to apply what they have learned

Application period:

Now – 31 Jan 2023

Application fee:

free of charge

Competition period:

self-selected 4-month period: 1 Oct 2022- 31 Jan 2023 or 1 Feb- 31 May 2023


Awards ceremony:

Early Jul 2023 (exact date to be provided)


All Hong Kong primary students



It is divided into three major categories:

1) NetDragon Individual Category (application: https://forms.gle/NVne4NmcqrbnBUBo7)

2) NetDragon School Category (application: https://forms.gle/NVne4NmcqrbnBUBo7)

3) Modern Cup School Category (application: https://forms.gle/2ExxuH7Sgh4LwAur8)


There are 4 groups per category (except Modern Cup) – Foundation, Elementary, Advance level and Overall Groups. The eligibility for applying for the categories is based on schools’ subscription in Coding Galaxy app whereas the Overall group will calculate the total scores of the 3 levels in the app (Foundation, Elementary and Advance level). Only the results within the self-selected period will be counted as the final results for the competition.



  • Primary student users of Coding Galaxy app / Coding Galaxy MERS Edition
  • the no. of participants of a school cannot exceed the no. of its subscriptions
  • Participating schools/individuals can self-select a consecutive 4-month time for the competition to match with teaching/self-study progress
  • The final result and ranking will be based on the total score within the self-selected timeframe
  • Schools using Modern Education Research Society’s computer textbooks can join the Modern Cup School Category. For details, please contact the Modern Sales Team at 2745 1133


Students from participating schools will automatically be considered as the contestants, and therefore NO NEED to apply separately.

Key dates:

Now – 31 Jan 2023:  Open for applications

Mid Jun: Results released

Early-Mid Jul: Awards ceremony

Competition rules:

  • Students should log into their Coding Galaxy accounts and finish as many missions as possible during the competition period. 
  • Students will earn 1-3 stars for successfully completing a mission, depending on the numbers of steps used to pass a mission, where 3 stars is the best result. Players should plan the shortest route and collect all the gems in order to get the 3 stars.
  • To both school category and individual category, the one with the most stars wins.
  • If it appears that two or more students obtain the same number of stars at the end, the shorter total time spent to successfully pass each level with a three-star result will win (that means the total time spent before the three-star clearance will also be counted, i.e. mission time for a zero/one/two-star is counted.

Competition flowchart

competition flow chart

Awards and honours:

The Competition is divided into Individual Category and School Category, and the below prizes are set:

CGJ challenge 2023 - school groups
Students with outstanding performance in learning computational thinking skills will be nominated  by their schools to be the Coding Ambassador.

School subscription enquiry:

Coding Galaxy ︰

Tel /Whatsapp 6996 5394

Email enquiry@nd.com.hk

Whatsapp Enquiry
Contact our Partners

Tel 37052490

Whatsapp 94326472

Email inquiry@coding101.hk

Whatsapp Enquiry

Tel 2745 1133

Individual subscription enquiry:

STEM Coding Pack – 3HK Exclusive Monthly Plans
(Package for 3 Hong Kong Customers)
3 Mall Coding Galaxy Package
(Package for non 3 Hong Kong Customers)

Coding Galaxy 計算思維挑戰賽2022頒獎禮花絮

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Can the school entrants be formed by different levels of students?

Yes. Coding Galaxy is suitable for Primary 1 – 6 students.

How do I or my students enter the competition?

School Users (School Category and Individual Category):
All School subscribed accounts within the Registration period will automatically join the competition, participating schools will only have to fill in the confirmation form https://forms.gle/NVne4NmcqrbnBUBo7 .


School Users (Modern Cup School Category):
For schools using Modern Education Research Society published computer textbooks, please fill in the form https://forms.gle/2ExxuH7Sgh4LwAur8. If there’s any questions, please contact Modern’s Sales Team at 2745 1133.


Individual Users (Individual Category):
Students from participating schools in the school category will automatically join the individual category. Also accept application from individual primary students subscribed from online platforms e.g. 3HK/ 3Mall, please fill in the online application form to confirm the self-selected competition time at https://forms.gle/NVne4NmcqrbnBUBo7

Are there any software or hardware requirements?

Participants should have a valid Coding Galaxy account and download the Coding Galaxy application (iOS and Android supported) on their smartphones or tablets.

If our school does not have any Coding Galaxy accounts, how do we register?

School Users:
To subscribe Coding Galaxy. Please contact us (tel/whatsapp 6996 5394, email:enquiry@nd.com.hk) or our partners Coding101 OR Modern Educational Research Society Limited.
Coding 101 Whatsapp 9432 6472 / Tel 3705 2490 inquiry@coding101.hk
Modern Educational Research Society Limited Tel 2745 1133
Individual Users:
Individual entrant may subscribe Coding Galaxy via 3HK/3Mall and fill up the application form
3Mall webpage︰https://shop.three.com.hk/home/ndl-coding.html

Terms and Conditions:


  • The organizer reserves the right to publish the list of participants and winners, as well as related event photos and public works for publicity purposes.
  • Participants must agree to accept any form of interview or publicity activities arranged by the organizer and co-organizer without any objection.
  • The organizer reserves the right to change or cancel the content and rules of the event without prior notice.
  • Please refer to the product use agreement for details and definitions of the levels.
  • Once registered, it is deemed to have agreed to and abide by the event policies set by the organizer.
  • Products and activities are subject to terms and conditions.
  • In case of any dispute, the organizer reserves the right of final decision.


About Coding Galaxy

Coding Galaxy is a computational thinking learning platform that is designed for Primary and Secondary students. The comprehensive curriculum of Coding Galaxy helps learners to enhance computational thinking, communication skill and creativity. Equipped your students with the basic of coding and to solve future challenges in the age of AI.

Coding Galaxy consists of 3 levels of difficulty. By connecting computational thinking with concrete daily examples, Coding Galaxy helps learners visualize and make concepts accessible. The flexible and varied curriculum allows learning to happen not only in the classroom, but also after class through the app to achieve self-learning, or even in extra-curricular courses, to master computational thinking.